Growing up in Wisconsin has few certain things occur in your life. The first thing is that you have unwillingly chose to have cheese be your most known food in the state, so if you are a non dairy person you may be in the wrong state. Next, you are subject to become a cheesehead, also known as, a packer fan. Sundays are filled with Packer football in Wisconsin and the fans ride or die with the team each and every year. Sundays without Packer football in Wisconsin is almost as equivalent to be stabbed in the chest to most Packer fans, but if you do not watch Packer football without drinking then are you even a Packer fan? Or wait better yet, are you even from Wisconsin? Alcoholism is a problem in not just Wisconsin, but growing up in Wisconsin just made me realize how big of a problem it really was. Alcohol can take over people’s life and cause them to make decisions they normally would not do and can have a negative impact on not only their life, but also others around them.

According to 24/7 Wall Street and CBS news, Wisconsin is responsible for seven out of the ten most drunken cities in the United States. If you think that your community or state has a drinking problem then you need to visit Wisconsin to understand what drinking problems really look like. Coming from Wisconsin, and realizing that your state is responsible for that much drinking may not be a surprise, but for some it is a reward. For those who drink in Wisconsin, not all have a drinking problem or are addicted to alcohol, but coming from that state definitely increases the possibilities of relying
on alcohol to function on a daily basis.wi-out-drinking-you-state-t-shirts-men-s-t-shirt-by-american-apparel

Alcoholism in my state is a big issue. Like I had said before, just because you drink on a regular basis does not mean you are an alcoholic or have a drinking problem, because maybe it is just something you enjoy to do. I base having an alcohol problem on personal experiences and just common knowledge. Obviously, if you open your day with three to four shots to wake yourself up in the morning and end your day with three to four shots just so you can fall asleep I would recommend to try to find someone to talk to about your problem. Personally I have experienced my parents not being able to go a hour without taking another drink just to keep the feeling they got addicted to alive throughout the day. I have had to go without food because of my parents spending habits on alcohol. Never am I here complaining about my parents being bad parents, I love my parents and they would/will do anything for me, instead I am trying to explain the seriousness of alcoholism.

At the age of ten I was living with two parents who had relied on alcohol so heavily that my parents had to ask their jobs for pay in advance so we were able to pay for the bills in a timely manner along with food and gas and everything else that you need on a daily basis. Both of my parents had been a recovering alcoholic from the time that I was five up until I was about ten which is when they relapsed. My parents had gone from paying their rent on time to having to ask their jobs to borrow money. From making sure we always had food in the house to getting fronted food by McDonald’s and having to pay them back once we were able to. From being able to live their life without a drop of alcohol in their system to relying on it to be able to make it through each day.Unknown

Not only has my life been affected by alcoholism, but Wisconsin has had plenty of issues with binge drinking. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has some crazy statistics about binge drinking in the state. For example, the average number of drinks for a female in a night of drinking is 4 (national average), but for Wisconsin it is 6.3 drinks consumed on a nightly basis. For males it is the same kind of results, the nation average is 6 while in Wisconsin the average is 9.3 drinks consumed on a nightly basis when going out for drinks. This site also includes that 23% of adults over the age of 18 in Wisconsin binge drink while the nation’s average is only 17%.

Growing up with alcohol in your home creates many different kinds of risks without you even knowing it. Children who grow up in situations like these are at risk of many different things that other children may not be sustained too. Children who grow up with alcoholic parents are more likely to struggle in school due to the lack of supervision, lack of support, and intellectual engagement that their parents don’t give them when needed (child trends). In addition to all of that children who are exposed to alcohol are more likely to live in a house filled with abuse. Not all homes with parents who have a drinking problem are like that obviously, but it is much more common than in a house where the parents are not alcoholics.

Continuing on the struggle in which being an alcoholic causes some to go through, financial situations while having this issue can have big impacts on families and how they have to live. In 2015 Wisconsin spent over 6 billion dollars on alcohol which was by far the nation’s leading amount. The financial situations while being an alcoholic can cause people to not set their priorities straight. I would think that I would need to look a statistic like this up, but I know that financial situations come with having parents who are alcoholics because I have experienced it.

Luckily something I had never had to experience is drunk driving. My parents were at least smart enough that when they had gone out they never drank and drive and never put their lives or others people lives at risk when they decided to drink. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everybody. Just last year over 28,000 OWI’s were handed out to people driving while intoxicated. Also over 10,000 people were killed due to driving while intoxicated and sadly 200 of those were children under the age of 14 (watchdog).

To conclude, clearly alcohol is a problem is Wisconsin and things do not look to be changing anytime soon. The unknown effects, it has on children’s lives, and the impact it has on some is unbearable. Living with recovering alcoholics is somewhat scary just because you never know if they will relapse again because that is the effect it has on people. My parents have changed for the better and have become clean again and have been that way for a good six years. If my parents would have known the impact, that alcohol has on them,my brother and I, they would have made sure to do things differently, but they could not help what they had gone through. Alcoholism is a real addiction and impacts lives on a daily basis without people even knowing about it.